At the Air Canada Pilots Association, one of the most important activities we undertake is to advocate on critical industry and aviation issues.

The primary mission of every ACPA pilot – every single day – is the safety and security of our passengers, crew members, aircraft and the travelling public. We are leaders in advocating for the safety and security of our members and their passengers in the aviation community. We monitor developments around the world, and pursue improvements and enhancements wherever appropriate or necessary.

While there are many issues that affect our members as they pursue their careers in the pilot profession, we have targeted the most critical issues as the focus of our efforts. We work collaboratively to share these advocacy messages with all of our key stakeholders, including all levels of government, regulatory authorities around the world, international and domestic aviation and aerospace organizations, airport authorities, fellow trade unions and the media.

For more information on any of our advocacy issues, please get in touch with us.