Air Canada Pilots Launch Court Challenge of Federal Legislation
March 20, 201220 March 2012
"TORONTO – Air Canada pilots are asking the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to rule that federal legislation passed last week, forcing them to fly and accept a contract imposed through arbitration...."
Media Availability — Air Canada Pilots Association to Take Questions Following Senate Committee
March 14, 201214 March 2012
"OTTAWA – Captain Jean-Marc Bélanger, Chair of the Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Canada Pilots Association, and Captain Paul Strachan, President of the Air Canada Pilots Association, will be available..."
Majority of Canadians Want Air Canada Negotiations, Not Government Intervention
March 13, 201213 March 2012
"TORONTO – A majority of Canadians want Air Canada to negotiate a new contract with its pilots and avoid having the federal government impose arbitration, according to a survey released today by the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA)."
Air Canada Pilots Choose New Chair of Governing Council
March 12, 201212 March 2012
TORONTO - The Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) today elected Captain Jean-Marc Bélanger as Chair for the remainder of its two-year term.
Air Canada Pilots to Vote on Corporation's Offer
March 8, 20128 March 2012
"TORONTO – Air Canada pilots will vote on the latest offer from their employer, with their Association recommending that the pilots reject the offer and send a message to their employer to get serious about negotiations."
Air Canada pilots say Ottawa has role in protecting jobs with low-cost carrier
February 21, 201221 February 2012
TORONTO - Air Canada's pilots union says the federal government has a role in ensuring that well-paying Canadian jobs don't get shipped overseas if the airline makes good on its plan to create a low-cost carrier.
Les pilotes d'Air Canada se dotent d'un mandat de grève
February 16, 201216 February 2012
"Les pilotes d'Air Canada ont accordé à leur syndicat le mandat de déclencher la grève, si nécessaire, bien qu'ils aient assuré ne pas avoir l'intention de se prévaloir de cette option, tandis que se poursuivent les négociations avec le transporteur."
Vote Shows Air Canada Pilots United for Negotiated Contract
February 15, 201215 February 2012
"TORONTO - Air Canada pilots have voted 97 per cent in favour of a strike mandate, giving their Association an overwhelming mandate to achieve a negotiated agreement at the bargaining table. More than 97 per cent of the pilots took part in the vote."
WestJet seeks pilots' blessing for proposed regional carrier
January 18, 201218 January 2012
"WestJet Airlines Ltd. (WJA-T11.53-0.13-1.11%) is seeking to expand operations under a two-tier structure, gambling on maintaining labour harmony by giving its non-union pilots veto power over the carrier’s bold plans to launch a regional service that will pay reduced wages."
Air Canada Pilots: No Work Stoppage During Holiday Season
December 19, 201119 December 2011
"TORONTO - Air Canada pilots say there’s no risk of any work stoppage over the Holiday Season, despite their ongoing issues with the airline."
Layoffs, foreign-pilot hires separate issues: Transat
November 28, 201128 November 2011
"Air Transat and Air Canada pilots say that a federal program is allowing Canadian charter airlines to hire foreign pilots en masse and on a permanent basis, resulting in layoffs of available Canadian pilots - such as the 17 Air Transat pilots who were cut this week."
August 2, 20112 August 2011
"Let’s fix pension funding rules instead of trashing defined benefit plansIt’s time to examine more closely the causes of these pension deficitsand the many possible solutions available, before arbitrarily guttingpension plans and slashing benefits."
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August 2, 20112 August 2011
Let’s fix pension funding rules instead of trashing defined benefit plans
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Pilots and Pensions
August 2, 20112 August 2011
By PAUL STRACHANMuch attention has been paid to the recent strike at Air Canada and the government’s almost instantaneous decision to legislate an end to the dispute.
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CIRB Dismisses All Complaints Against Air Canada Pilots Association
May 6, 20116 May 2011
OTTAWA – The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) has completely dismissed all complaints filed by 67 pilots opposed to retirement at age 60 who alleged that they had not been fairly represented by the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA).
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