Air Canada Pilots Reach New Agreement with Air Canada


Air Canada Pilots Reach New Agreement with Air Canada

Subject to ratification vote by membership


October 6, 2014


TORONTO –A new agreement has been reached between Air Canada and the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) establishing compensation, benefits and other work rules until September 2024, which must be ratified by a majority vote of ACPA’s 3,000 members. 


“We are very pleased to have reached a new agreement with Air Canada that will provide our members with stability and security of employment, career progression, fair compensation and most importantly, a share of our airline’s financial success,” said ACPA President Captain Craig Blandford. “At the same time, our new agreement provides Air Canada with the stability and flexibility to grow and prosper, which is good for all its stakeholders, including our members. I believe this agreement marks a definite improvement in the relationship between Air Canada and its pilots, providing us with a firm foundation on which to build for future success.”


The new agreement is subject to ratification by ACPA’s members, who will be provided more information in meetings and briefings to be held across the country during October. Details will not be publicly disclosed and dates for the ratification vote have not been set.


About ACPA

The Air Canada Pilots Association is the largest professional pilot group in Canada, representing the more than 3,000 pilots who fly millions of passengers across Canada and around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada rouge.  For more information, visit


For more information:

Paul Howard

Director of Communications

1-800-634-0944 ext. 4011


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