Air Canada Pilots Applaud New Drone Regulations

Stronger regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems protect Canadian aviation

The Air Canada Pilots Association, the largest single pilot group in Canada - representing more than 4,000 professional pilots across Canada who fly the vast majority of Canadian overseas flights – applauds the federal government for its newly finalized drone regulations.

These rules for drones and drone operators - especially requirements around registration, operating certificates, and prohibitions around controlled airspace, are an important step toward ensuring a safe operating environment for drones in Canada.

“We’ve closely followed the development of the new regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems,” said Captain Matt Hogan, MEC Chair. “While questions around enforcement are best left to the appropriate authorities, we believe that these new requirements around registration, certification, and records, in addition to new financial penalties for non-compliance, will help ensure that these drones are operated safely.”

Overall, ACPA pilots are pleased with what the government has released today.

About ACPA
With some 4,000 members who fly passengers around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada rouge, Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) is the largest single pilot association in Canada and serves a diverse and engaged membership via its headquarters near Toronto's Pearson Airport, and through regional representatives across pilot bases in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Christopher Praught
Manager of Communications
Air Canada Pilots Association
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Jan 09, 201909 Jan 2019

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