Air Canada Pilots Statement of Remembrance on September 11

TORONTO – Air Canada Pilots Association President Captain Paul Strachan today issued the following statement on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

“On a day when the world marks the tragedy that occurred ten years ago, Air Canada pilots pause to pay special remembrance to the pilots, flight attendants and countless innocent victims who perished in these senseless attacks.

“The pilots who died on 9-11 were among the first victims of those acts of terrorism. Their deaths are for us a stark reminder that all pilots are on the front lines in the battle against terror in the skies. In particular, the pilots of United 93, forced down in the first action taken against the 9-11 attacks, remind us that we are also the last line of defence for our passengers and fellow crew members.

“While we grieve the loss of our colleagues and pray for the families of all victims of 9-11, we also rededicate ourselves to the task of ridding the world of this threat and call on our partners in aviation to join us in the global effort to end terrorism.”

The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) is the largest professional pilot group in Canada, representing the more than 3,000 pilots who operate Air Canada’s mainline fleet.

Note to Editors: ACPA President Captain Paul Strachan is available for interview. The ACPA White Paper on Aviation Security is available at

Paul Howard
Director of Communications
Air Canada Pilots Association

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Sep 11, 201111 Sep 2011

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