Air Canada Pilots Vote to Reject Tentative Agreement

TORONTO – Air Canada pilots have voted to reject a tentative agreement that had been negotiated with the airline.

“The pilots have spoken,” said Captain Paul Strachan, President of the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA). “We must return to the bargaining table to address their concerns.”

The pilots voted by 67 per cent to reject the agreement, with 98 per cent of eligible pilots taking part in the vote.

“ACPA has some internal work to do, consulting with its members and preparing for the next round of bargaining. In the interim, we have an existing collective agreement in force and we will address the road forward with the same calm, professional approach we use in the flight deck,” Captain Strachan said.

“We thank all Air Canada pilots for demonstrating such a concerted interest in their contract and deep concern for the future of their airline. We hope to reward their commitment with a tentative agreement that responds to their valid concerns while promoting the long-term health of Air Canada.”

ACPA will review its collective bargaining strategy and proposals in light of the vote results before contacting the company to resume negotiations.

Failure to ratify a tentative agreement does not automatically create a dispute under the federally-regulated collective bargaining process and Air Canada pilots will continue to operate the airline’s schedule under their existing contract.

Air Canada Pilots Association is the largest professional pilot group in Canada, representing the more than 3,000 pilots who operate Air Canada’s mainline fleet.

Paul Howard
Director of Communications
Air Canada Pilots Association
905-678-9008 ext. 222

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May 19, 201119 May 2011

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