Media Statement: Canadian Re-certification of B-737 MAX

Media Statement – Canadian Re-certification of B-737 MAX

December 17, 2020

“The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) supported Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s commitment in 2019 that Canada would conduct an independent validation of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The Minister’s commitment affirmed ACPA’s position that Canadian regulatory authorities must take proactive actions to ensure the safety of the Canadian traveling public.

On behalf of the professional pilots at Air Canada and Air Canada rouge, our Association sought assurances from the Canadian government of independent oversight over aircraft certification and safety, and that the B-737 MAX would remain grounded until Canada completed an independent validation of the safety of the aircraft to ensure that all concerns have been addressed.

In ACPA’s view, this independent validation – carried out by Canadian authorities, should include three important components: reviews of recertification and ongoing pilot input, pilot training, and transparency.

Reviews of recertification and ongoing pilot input ACPA is broadly satisfied with how the process with the B-737 MAX has unfolded thus far and the work done to date by Transport Canada, but urges the department to increase their capacity to undertake examinations of any new aircraft introduced to the Canadian market going forward. That capacity should involve pilots with extensive, front-line, industry experience. While we were pleased to see Transport Canada include two active line pilots in the Joint Operations Evaluation Board process, as the first and last line of defence in aviation safety, front-line pilots should be an integral part of any aircraft certification process, specifically as it relates to training.

Pilot training – Future training on the B-737 MAX aircraft in Canada should include simulator training that incorporates all systems and equipment which exist in the physical aircraft pilots will be flying; no system or software present in the aircraft should be omitted from the simulator. Furthermore, training should include potential scenarios which could involve all aircraft systems or equipment.

Transparency – With today’s announcement placing the B-737 MAX on the path to being recertified in Canada, it is important that the reintroduction of the aircraft into service be carefully managed to ensure the highest operational standards are achieved and maintained. While we are not familiar with the approaches being considered by other operators, our understanding is that Air Canada has developed a cautious and thoughtful plan for its fleet of B-737 MAX aircraft.”
Attribute to: Captain Michael McKay, MEC Chair, Air Canada Pilots Association

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