The Air Canada Pilots Association Applauds the Inclusion of Pilot Fatigue on the Transportation Safety Board’s 2018 Watchlist

Inclusion of fatigue on the Watchlist underscores the importance of Canada’s fatigue regulations meeting or exceeding NASA recommendations
The Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) today fully endorsed the inclusion of pilot fatigue on the Transportation Safety Board’s 2018 Watchlist.

“For years, our pilots have been advocating for stronger rest rules that will protect Canadian passengers and crew from fatiguing work conditions,” said Captain Matt Hogan, Chair of ACPA’s Master Elected Council. “Between this Watchlist and U.S. National Transportation Safety Board findings that fatigue was a contributing factor in its investigation into Air Canada Flight 759, it’s time for the government to take action.”

Canada’s proposed fatigue rules, which allow pilots to fly up to 10.5 hours in the evening fall short of NASA science, which recommends no more than 8.5 hours, and they fall short of the U.S., where pilots are limited to 8 hours of flight time at night.

 “With the 2018 watchlist, Canada’s Transportation Safety Board puts the government on notice,” said Milt Isaacs, CEO of the Air Canada Pilots Association. “It’s not enough to pay lip-service to aviation safety. The government must take real action to close the two hour-gap between its proposed rest rules and the limits recommended by NASA science.”

The science is clear: fatigue is a form of impairment. NASA’s Ames Research Centre and others conducted research that measured brain wave activity and micro-sleeps of pilots in actual flight operations at night.

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Oct 30, 201830 Oct 2018

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