Graphics and Guidelines

The Air Canada Pilots Association regularly provides expertise to the media on issues relating to aviation, in particular flight safety.

ACPA has provided approved images and graphics for use to accompany news reports. To use any of the graphics contained here for any other purpose, please contact ACPA’s Communications Department at 905-678-9008 or 1-800-634-0944.

Media outlets should take notePilots who are members of the Air Canada Pilots Association operate only aircraft with external branding “Air Canada” or “Air Canada rouge.” If media choose to use photos or other graphics that illustrate aircraft branding, aircraft types, or flight decks that do not meet those basic criteria, they will most likely not be illustrating ACPA members. Should a media outlet need assistance in this area, please contact the ACPA Communications Department for assistance.

The ACPA Logo and branding are trademarks protected by Canadian and U.S. law.