Labour Day Message

Since its official inception in 1894, Labour Day has been more than a time to celebrate the end of summer; it is an opportunity to reflect on our nation’s labour pioneers who laid the foundation for future movements and helped secure universal rights and benefits. From shorter work weeks and guaranteed minimum wages, to unemployment insurance and greater equality, organized labour has played a pivotal role shaping our nation’s diverse workplace.

Now, like so many others, is a time of change. Many of the issues facing ACPA and the airline industry as a whole are complex and our goals are not easy to achieve. As the Association representing Air Canada’s 3,600 pilots, we strive to effectively represent our members individually and collectively.

I would like to thank our elected representatives and volunteers who give so much of themselves to be an effective voice for our members from coast to coast. I also wish to express my appreciation to our members, for getting involved with ACPA, for offering your support, and for pushing us to do better.

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a safe and happy Labour Day.


Milt Isaacs, CEO
Air Canada Pilots Association