Air Canada Pilots Call on Airline to Return to Negotiations

TORONTO - Air Canada Pilots Association President Captain Paul Strachan today expressed his members’ disappointment that their airline has chosen to file a notice of dispute with the federal government and called on the airline to return to negotiations.

“We are disappointed that Air Canada has chosen to escalate the situation before we returned to the bargaining table,” Captain Strachan said.

“Since the last tentative agreement was rejected by our members, we have been working diligently to prepare proposals that we hope will form the basis of a new negotiated settlement,” Captain Strachan said. Air Canada pilots rejected a previous tentative agreement by a two-to-one margin in a democratic vote last May. The pilots have continued to work under the terms of their expired collective agreement.

“Just last week, we proposed a date for returning to the bargaining table. Instead, Air Canada has unilaterally decided to involve the federal government in our negotiations,” Captain Strachan said. “Our goal remains to reach a negotiated agreement without a dispute and we urge Air Canada to join us in the effort to bargain a new agreement.”

Paul Howard
Director of Communications
Air Canada Pilots Association
905-678-9008 ext. 222

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Oct 27, 201127 Oct 2011

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