About Us

Who we are

With 4,000+ members who fly passengers and cargo around the world on Air Canada and Air Canada rouge, Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) is the largest single pilot association in Canada, and serves a diverse and engaged membership via its headquarters near Toronto’s Pearson Airport, and through regional representatives across pilot bases in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

What we do

ACPA strives to be a leader in advancing our profession and aviation safety. We aim to serve and support our member pilots’ professional interests in all that we do, with all stakeholders.

We advocate by the targeted and effective dissemination of our views to a wide range of stakeholders. We develop and share advocacy messages on critical industry and aviation issues to all levels of government, regulatory authorities around the world, international and domestic aviation and aerospace organizations, airport authorities, fellow trade unions and the media.

We represent our members on individual issues with the employer, as well as collectively through the bargaining process to ensure better working conditions and career prospects for our highly trained and specialized professional members. Our staff — which includes lawyers and labour relations experts — are dedicated to serving our pilots throughout their careers.

We engage our members on an ongoing basis, through their interactions with their elected representatives, via surveys and through member communications, to continuously update and adjust our direction.

Our values

ACPA’s work and day-to-day interactions are centred around these important values:

Safety and security - The primary mission of every ACPA pilot — every single day — is the safety and security of passengers, crew members, aircraft and the public. A leader in advocating for safety and security for our members in the aviation community, we monitor developments around the world, and pursue improvements and enhancements wherever appropriate or necessary.

Integrity and respect - We value the respect accorded to our profession by the travelling public. Our member pilots strive each day to uphold high standards as we deliver our passengers, fellow crew members and aircraft safely to their destinations.

Professionalism and career development - Having chosen to pursue a career in such a highly specialized and technical arena, ACPA members constantly seek to improve our profession, working conditions, compensation and benefits — not just on behalf of our own member pilots, but also in support of our chosen profession.

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